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Terms of Service
Please be sure to read this thoroughly before commissioning me.

If my terms are broken in any way shape or form you might be blacklisted & legal action may be taken.
Terms of service are subject to change.

General Rules

Prices are non-negotiable

Any client who wishes to commission NSFW pieces must prove that above 18+ in age.

1. 》I have the right to decline doing business with a client, for any reason.2. 》Turn around time (TAT) is usually within a month maximum (unless client states they need it done by a certain date), however the commission is normally done within 2-3 weeks.3. 》If the client is buying said gift for another user they’re both required to abide to said ToS document.4. 》 Under no circumstances is anyone authorized to mint my artwork as an NFT.

Commissioned work

1. 》I reserve full rights to my own produced artwork, meaning I can post them in my portfolio, social media & / or examples.2. 》When purchasing commissioned work from me, you’re granted “personal use”. Client may use said art work on any given site, if posting on said platform you must give credit.3. 》Client is prohibited on tracing, modifying, removing signatures & / or claiming as the artwork your own. You may not under any circumstances use my artwork for commercial use, meaning; Selling prints, merchandise etc.

Payments & Refunds

1. 》All payments are accepted through an invoice on PayPal in American Dollars (USD) currency only. The amount must be the exact for me to continue doing clients said commission. I refuse to take E-checks & Snail Mail.2. 》I do not give refunds. I’ll only give clients refunds if I want to cancel said commission or feel like I cannot complete said artwork that the client has commissioned.3. 》I do not give refunds to finished commissions. If there is something wrong with said commission let me know and I’ll try to fix it to my best abilities (within reason).

While it’s not often for me to decline a commission, there are certain themes I will NOT accept.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you!

By commissioning I, (Avourkrah) / using my work,
you are automatically agreeing to the following terms of service (ToS).

Commission Info

Before you commission me please be sure you look over my

To order a commission, fill out the forum below!

✦ What I WILL draw ✦
Oc x canon
Any gender
Any sexuality
NSFW / Eroticta
Canon characters
Simplistic weaponry
I can draw most species
Backgrounds (not complex)
Some fetish work (please ask before hand).

✦ Will NOT draw ✦
Child /Cub
Racial / “hate art”
Humans / humanoids
Dismembering of limbs
My characters with yours NSFW
Super complex characters(ask)
Hyper muscles, breasts, dicks, etc.

B&W Sketch

$ 15.00

Black and white sketch of your character. Additional character $ 10.00 USD.

SFW / NSFW available
BG: No backgrounds available

Colored Sketches

$ 20.00 USD

Colored sketch of your character, additional character $10.00 USD

SFW / NSFW available
BG: No backgrounds available


$ 35.00 USD


$ 40.00 USD

Something chubby and cute of your character. These will be full rendered pieces.


$ 50.00 USD

Full rendered pieces of your character that isn't in a 'chibi' cute-like style.

Pixel Icons

$ 25.00 USD

Shaded pixel icon of your character, simple blinking / winking animations can be implemented.Can have a simple color as a background or can be transparent.

Additional Character $ 25.00 USD

Need to get in contact?

Message me on any of my listed platforms or contact me by email for any inquiries !

To commission me please fill out my commission forum !

Please keep in mind that I may have taken usernames on other sites but I do not use them. I normally will check the ones listed on the home page.